Legion Capital Corporation has announced an Initial Public Offering of its stock as of April 25, 2017. Our IPO is a Regulation A+ Direct IPO that was qualified for sale by the Securities and Exchange Commission as of April 25. We are offering 4 million shares of our stock for sale at $1.25 per share. It is our intention to seek trading on the Nasdaq exchange upon the successful sale and closing of the IPO. Our IPO is available to all investors, accredited or non-accredited, with a minimum purchase of $500 (400 shares). For information on how to purchase our IPO, investors should register on the Legion Direct Funding Platform on the Home page, or contact us by phone at (888) 403-FUND, or by email IPO@legioncapitalcorp.com.

Note: This page is for information only. Certain limitations on investment amount apply. For full details on the Initial Legion Public Offering, please refer to the Offering Documents or SEC filings, or contact us directly.

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