Business Description

Legion Capital (LGCP) is a private equity firm focused on specialized lending providing growth capital to small and medium sized companies and real estate developers. Legion provides bridge funding, acquisition finance, development, and growth capital in a highly customized and expeditious manner, addressing a large and growing segment of small business lending that is under-served by banks and institutions.

Legion Capital serves our Investors and Broker Dealer community through a suite of diversified equity and debt investment products, many of which offer attractive yields, non-correlation to traditional financial markets, and defined liquidity dates.

Business Profile

301 E. Pine Street
Suite 850
Orlando, FL 32801

Minnesota Office:
322 N 1st Ave
Suite 402
Minneapolis, MN 55401


Industry Classifications

President & CEO:
Paul Carrazzone

Issue Type:
Common Stock

Access Audit & Compliance, P.A. 

Finance, Insurance, And Real Estate

FinTech/Lending Services

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