Orlando, FL -Let’s face it – 2020 was an awful year. We all faced unprecedented challenges and heartbreak, seeing so many of our fellow citizens perish, businesses close and lives disrupted in every imaginable way.

From a business standpoint, it was as challenging an environment as many of us will ever see. American business owners and entrepreneurs watched their thriving businesses shut down, many permanently, as the Covid pandemic crushed so many dreams.

Our company, Legion Capital (Ticker Symbol: LGCP), is an Orlando, Florida based private equity lender. Legion was built on specialized lending to the ever-growing Orlando area housing market, financing early-stage developments throughout the greater central Florida region.

Like many, we had a business that was growing rapidly heading into 2020. We were excited as the new decade dawned, with so much opportunity at hand. Then it hit. In a matter of a few weeks, it all came to a screeching halt. Life stopped, businesses closed – even human interaction ceased.

For months we sat at home, communicating only by phone and computer, running our business by Zoom. And the effect was felt worldwide. At Legion, we were fortunate that our underlying loans and assets were solid, but as we watched the world shut down around us, our bold growth plans were suddenly shrouded in uncertainty. Construction stalled as workers were sent home, new development was halted and scheduled home closings were pushed off. The market demand was still there, but it was like we were all temporarily frozen in time.

Even the giant theme parks sat dark and empty. The fireworks from Mickey Mouse no longer lit up the Orlando night sky.

Then, as June turned to July and the hot Florida summer sun beat down on us, something miraculous happened. Orlando awoke. Lights came on. Earth movers lurched into gear at construction sites and houses started to spring out of the ground. Florida was getting back to business and Orlando housing was leading the way once again. And the rest of the country took notice. In a big, big way. And so was born the Great Florida Migration of 2020.

Orlando is a community that has known growth for many, many years. In fact, imagine this statistic: Greater Orlando has welcomed more than 1,000 new residents, per weekfor 60 straight years. We know growth. But this was different, it seemed the entire United States of America was coming to Florida. In addition to great weather, no state income tax and an unparalleled quality of life, Florida now had one other advantage – it was open for business. And that has accelerated an already incredible demand for new housing in central Florida.

At Legion Capital (Ticker Symbol: LGCP), demand for our financing is greater than ever. The future is very bright as we reap the benefits of what many believe is the #1 housing market in America. As a leading Orlando area specialized lender to early-stage housing development, we see the potential for tremendous growth in the coming months and years.

The Florida sun once again shines bright on central Florida. Business is booming. The Mouse has roared back.

About Legion Capital

Legion Capital (Ticker Symbol: LGCP) is a FinTech enabled, publicly traded specialized business lender providing growth capital to small and medium sized companies. Legion provides bridge funding, acquisition finance, development, and growth capital in a highly customized and expeditious manner, addressing a large and growing segment of small business lending that is under-served by banks and institutions.

Legion Capital serves our Investors and Financial Advisors through a suite of diversified equity and debt investment products, many of which offer attractive yields, non-correlation to traditional financial markets, and defined liquidity dates. For more information, please visit www.LegionCapital.com.

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