ORLANDO, FL., August 16, 2022 — Legion Capital Corporation (OTC:LGCP), a FinTech enabled, specialized business lender, was recognized in CIO Bulletin’s Innovative Excellence Award 2022.

Legion Capital provides financing in support of acquisition, early-stage development and growth capital needs for small and medium sized business owners, real estate developers and entrepreneurs, addressing a market segment that has gone largely unserved by banks and conventional lenders.

“Our team at Legion continues to strive toward innovation as we provide early stage financing for real estate developers, construction and infrastructure projects,” explained Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Shane Hackett. “Our ability to innovate in both technology and lending are key tenants to better serving our lending clients and an important factor in helping to ensure their success.”

As a specialized lender and private equity firm, Legion Capital remains focused on. emerging companies in growth industries, as well as early stage real estate development.

For more information on Legion Capital’s inclusion in CIO Bulletin’s Innovation Excellence Award 2022, please visit https://www.ciobulletin.com/magazine/legion-capital-a-fintech-driven-private-equity-lender

About Legion Capital

Legion Capital (OTC:LGCP) is a FinTech driven specialized lender providing growth capital to small and medium sized companies. Legion provides bridge funding, acquisition finance, development, and growth capital in a highly customized and expeditious manner, addressing a large and growing segment of small business lending that is under-served by banks and institutions.

Legion Capital serves our Investors and Financial Advisors through a suite of diversified equity and debt investment products, many of which offer attractive yields, non-correlation to traditional financial markets, and defined liquidity dates. For more information, please visit www.LegionCapital.com.

Disclaimer and Forward Looking Statements can be found at : www.legioncapital.com/disclaimer/

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